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What is BeetleReader

BeetleReader is a simple, online ePub reader that works in your browser.  This means all content unfolds before your eyes, online. Your readers can enjoy your ePub books anywhere at anytime – all they need is a computer, tablet or a mobile phone and they are good to go. Easy, accessible and handy to use!

Think of it as a combination of all the readers your customers have used so far on different devices. BeetleReader is a viewer compatible with any device and any browser, so end users will never need to use another ePub viewer application. Very convenient when reading becomes flexible and not tied to a specific device, right?

Unlike other online ePub apps out there, BeetleReader prides itself on its unprecedented performance. Our viewer handles even the heaviest books!

Further to this, the richness of its features makes it a desired tool for publishing agencies, educational institutions and bookstores. Highlighting, note taking, quick search and all perks that the reader craves for! Being a white label epub reader adds to BeetleReader’s appeal, as it allows for custom-branding.

BeetleReader is functional, adaptable and eye-pleasing. It is a solution that incorporates all a publisher needs in one place.

BeetleReader powerful content

Powerful content

Publish books regardless of what their content is – our reader supports images, videos and audio.

BeetleReader available on all devices

Available on all devices

Your readers don’t need new devices, they don’t even need to install apps. Our reader simply works on every device with an Internet browser.

BeetleReader fully interactive

Fully interactive

Reading is one part of the equation, but our reader extends further to provide your readers with the ability to choose their preferred style of reading layout, bookmark pages, highlight parts of the text and many more.

BeetleReader unprecedented performance

Unprecedented performance

There are lots of ePub readers out there, but the most common between the web based ones is their weak performance. Our reader is innovative in the way it works and that’s allowing us to deliver the best performance even for very huge books.

BeetleReader also provides the following features

  • White label product: We can brand the reader as you wish.
  • Advanced keyword search: Page jump in no time!
  • Highlight: Your readers can mark their favourite quotes.
  • Notes: Provide your readers with a quick reference point by letting them take notes.
  • Multi-page layout: Flexible layout according to the reader’s preference!
  • All devices, all browsers are supported!
  • Advanced administration panel to upload ePub books instantaneously
  • You can restrict access to specific ePub books to only individual users or group of users
  • Text, images, audio and video support (as part of the visual content)
  • Suitable for both fixed and reflowable ePubs
  • Hosted on our top performance Amazon servers, which we can easily scale according to the size of your user base.
  • Unprecedented performance regardless of the book size
  • Data collection for content owners

Why is BeetleReader the best option for your readers?

Recently, it seems that everybody is buying an eBook reader – be it Kindle, Nook, etc. So we thought – why do your readers need to have so many and different devices in their bags, why don’t they use their current devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to read ePub books? And the answer is what you see in front of you now – the only ePub reader that your readers will ever need.

versatile BeetleReader

BeetleReader is free to try right now

Who are we

BeetleReader is a Rainbow Riders product. That means it’s being developed and ran by all the crazy people in Rainbow Riders with lots of love and attention to detail.

Rainbow Riders is a Danish digital creative agency based in Copenhagen .


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