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August 26, 2016

Why does your company need BeetleReader?

BeetleReader is an epub viewer that can help your company

Your company’s learning culture


Banal or not, employees are the biggest asset of every company. So is it worth investing and motivating your business backbone? Certainly yes! For this to happen you need a technologically viable solution that would be flexible enough to encourage learning and adaptable to individual needs in order to dishearten laziness. Fostering a learning culture will pay off: a better productive environment, more knowledgeable employees and enhanced operational efficiency.

BeetleReader is an epub viewer that is compatible with any device and browser. It is a white-label product that allows for customized branding. Building your company’s library with BeetleReader will lead to the following benefits:

  1. Engagement: Educating the sense of engagement and making it part of your employee’s mindset is key. Research statistics show that the top reason for losing valuable employees is the disengagement. Engagement, on the other hand, is created by work environment and the organization’s culture. Nurture engagement by showing understanding for your employees’ needs and interest! Spark discussions about e-books you read and have a monthly session!
  2. Problem solving: Securing a working learning culture will open new opportunities and widen your employees’ horizons. By making learning accessible in the workplace, your employees will improve their skillsets. The introduction of a digital library will make people look for answers. Thus they will start developing a problem-solving oriented mentality rather than ducking out of responsibilities.
  3. Technologically savvy: If your company introduces a digital library, employees will develop a variety of skills. For instance, skills for working remotely and using our ePub viewer to highlight different report stats or take notes under a given subject. Your employees would also virtually collaborate and the company’s organization will be much more efficient.
  4. Retention: Providing employees with the opportunity to learn will give them the certainty that yours is the company that can make them grow their career and skills. It is also an effective way in which you add value to them that you can use for your company’s benefit!

At BeetleReader we have developed a highly functional, accessible and powerful elearning solution to help your company establish a fruitful learning culture.

August 18, 2016

How can BeetleReader help the education sector?

beetle reader and education

BeetleReader and ePub

There is one big challenge that faces the majority of content creators, especially in the education domain: How to produce content with flexible usage? Restricting content to a single device is simply not an option. Content should be available anytime and anywhere.

The education sector has long been in search of ways to encourage multi-device teaching and learning in order to facilitate both sides.

ePub is the superhero of user-friendly publishing that has come to save the day. It allows easy access, offers flexibility and does not limit readers to using a specific device. BeetleReader is an ePub viewer that incorporates all the benefits ePub offers.

BeetleReader for students

BeetleReader is where students can access all the learning materials from their university or college courses. Once the institution obtains license to BeetleReader, students can enjoy all the following benefits:

  • Easy access to content
  • ePubs compatible with all devices and browsers
  • Native content ordering and navigation
  • Offline access to content
  • Intuitive design and additional semantics
  • Effective search system
  • Note taking and highlighting

BeetleReader is designed in such a way which would actually enhance student learning. Reading a case study from Caitlin Corning from George Fox University, the main downside of using an ePub reader was the text highlighting. BeetleReader makes note taking easy and simple, while highlighting happens as fast as the physical one on paper!

BeetleReader for university content creators

Digital learning resources have become very popular in recent years. Having an ePub university-branded viewer is convenient and effective.

Here are BeetleReader’s advantages that specifically apply to content creators and managers:

  • A platform that seamlessly include text, media formats (video, audio, images) and audio narration
  • Direct upload of ePubs & instant availability
  • Offers content access to a large group of people
  • Great quality performance (capacity to upload & manage even heavy books)
  • Simple and beautiful user interface
  • White label product that allows for custom branding

BeetleReader is ready to take your institution to new educational horizons!

Image credit: http://bit.ly/2aY0tkv

August 15, 2016

Why is ePub beneficial to publishers?

epub beneficial to publishers

While many eReaders are only claiming to encourage simplicity, flexibility and interactivity, ePub is truly a format dedicated to bringing these features altogether both to the publishers and to the end users.

ePub is the child of rethinking the digital publishing landscape and it has addressed the changing needs in the sector. But how? Well, ePub presents the solution for one of the biggest challenges for the publishing industry – accessibility. Readers have been confronted with certain limitations – “this format goes with this device, that book can only be read on this eReader” and so on and so forth. The ePub3 standard empowers both publishers and readers to enjoy a constraint-free accessibility. Publishers can now create fully supported audio, text, images and video in a mainstream digital format.

ePub has turned out to be a cornerstone of digital teaching & learning for many big publishers. The way in which documentation is being delivered has been altered to a more interactive one, which allows for a richer reading experience. By employing ePub, publishers can now offer to readers advanced accessibility, much facilitated use on mobile devices, interactivity, independence of eReaders and an authentic, engaging reading experience. Furthermore, ePub presents itself in a single-file format (thanks, IDPF). It is the superhero of the publishing domain that promotes cross-platform digital content that is highly adaptable.

Due to the use of Open Web Platform, ePub is able to offer a file format that reflows to take the size of the device screen, supports dynamic content, annotation, bookmarking and other very useful, especially to education and business, features.

Namely for this reason, the education sector has marked the fastest and perhaps the widest adoption of ePub. For instance, Pearson have placed ePub in the spotlight for their digital learning solutions, as the ePub format responds to the structural and semantic demands educational publishing has.

ePub simply covers everything educators need:

  • Guarantees accessibility to students
  • Offers easy content creation
  • Includes various rich media types (audio, video, images)
  • Adds semantics for education-specific components
  • Includes interactive questions and quizzes
  • Encourages flexibility and freedom
  • Has offline access functionality
  • Saves lots of time

We hope this articles has helped you glean some important information.

Please take a look at Beetle Readers’ features to gauge whether and how you can benefit from its wonderful tools.

August 12, 2016

Meet ePub


What is ePub?

Sorry for bursting the bubble, but ePub does not stand for an electronic pub!

The term is an abbreviation for electronic publication. It is a free e-book file format that can be read on all devices (computers, tablets, smartphones and e-readers). Since its standardization by the International Digital Publishing Forum, ePub has become vastly popular and some major publishers now prefer it to PDF.

What are the benefits of ePub?

ePub offers great compatibility, not only because it is not tied to any specific device, but also because it can be used with a variety of software. This is due to ePub using two languages – XML and XHTML.

ePub group of files come into a single package – easy to store and organize. Another great advantage of ePub is that it is open format. That means that it could be used by everyone, without any risks and additional costs. Being an open standard tool, guaranteed ePub popularity, as it has become very useful both for individual authors and for publishers.

Apart from its open nature, ePub is very independent. Yes, that is right, no big companies that are gobbling up vast amount of money thanks to the success of the format. ePub is not limited to any specific company, product or brand. It is just there to offer an authentic reading experience for the readers and make publishers’ lives simpler. ePub offers one, uniform standard that can be used by all. You might ask why this is worth mentioning… Remember the e-reader craze? Almost every company had decided to create their own eBook readers and this has led to a number of limitations, rather than actually encouraging reading/publishing.

ePub has introduced a standard for digital publications by removing all obstacles and without creating any of the mayhem ebook readers provoked.

Another massive benefit of ePub is its reflowable text. This means the text can reflow to any screen and resize its contents base. No need to switch devices or zoom in and out when using a small screen.

BeetleReader has chosen to use ePub to offer maximum usability, freedom and flexibility to publishers, while also ensuring an immersive experience for readers.