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October 21, 2016

Smartphone reading: hype or necessity?

smartphone reading on BeetleReader epub reader

Smartphones have become multi-purpose devices. And although ebook reading will “never” be what they will primarily be used for, phones have shifted the reading pattern.  Smartphone reading has experienced an increase in the number, noticed in a Nielsen survey. About 54% of e-book buyers confirmed they are using their phones for reading some of the time. This trend is up: from 24% in 2012, according to Nielsen.

Further to that, people who read mainly on phones accounted for 14% in the beginning of 2015, in comparison with 9% in 2012. What is interesting to analyse here is the drop of those reading mainly on e-readers: from 50% to 32%. Tablet reading has also declined from 44% to 41%.

So smartphones already serve as this spontaneous device that allows for extending book reading in unexpected time and places. Smartphone reading has its special place in the reader’s habits. Restricting it or delivering bad mobile experience can be rather disappointing. Yes, the screen is just too small for reading. Although phones are not deemed to be “serious” e-reading tools, we can still ensure the user gets the best experience. How?

Smartphone reading and ePubs

Of course, ePub is the answer! It offers much better reading experience on mobile than PDF does.

Versatility is the main benefit of ePub files. Always go for the EPUB version, because it is compatible with all devices. Smartphone reading has also become popular because it offers you instant reading. No Nooks and Kindles, just having your smallest device at hand is enough! Providing your readers with BeetleReader grants them an essential benefit: to access their ebook library everywhere, on any device. As an advanced ePub reader, BeetleReader also offers text highlighting, note taking and bookmarking.

One of the interesting prophecies in the ebook world states: “The future of digital reading is on the phone,” said Judith Curr, publisher of the Simon & Schuster imprint Atria Books. “It’s going to be on the phone and it’s going to be on paper.”

So time to explore the features of the BeetleReaderThe only ePub reader that will deliver everything to you,  everywhere and on every device!

Image source: http://thoughtcatalog.com