attention economy epub reader BeetleReader
The attention economy in publishing
What is attention economy? Attention economy is dedicated to the way we deal, filter and engage or not with a
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data and publishing
What is data-driven publishing?
The publishing industry is one of the most agile spheres worldwide. It has been evolving actively from the introduction of
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readeres epub app BeetleReader
What matters – nostalgia or functionality?
Traditional books versus ebooks? The endless “war” between traditional books and ebooks has been taking place for way too long
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smartphone reading on BeetleReader epub reader
Smartphone reading: hype or necessity?
Smartphones have become multi-purpose devices. And although ebook reading will “never” be what they will primarily be used for, phones
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epub viewer beetlereader learn from children's quotes
Favourite quotes from children’s books
This week we have chosen 10 quotes from children’s books to learn from. The BeetleReader wishes you a pleasant journey
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responsive design BeetleReader
Why is responsive design key to digital reading?
In our previous post, we have discussed the differences between PDF and ePub files. One of the most outstanding features
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BeetleReader epub viewer differences with pdf
What are the differences between PDF and EPUB?
Many users are asking how exactly PDF differs from EPUB. They cannot really grasp the initial excitement about latter. This
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BeetleReader is an epub viewer that can help your company
Why does your company need BeetleReader?
Your company’s learning culture   Banal or not, employees are the biggest asset of every company. So is it worth
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beetle reader and education
How can BeetleReader help the education sector?
BeetleReader and ePub There is one big challenge that faces the majority of content creators, especially in the education domain:
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epub beneficial to publishers
Why is ePub beneficial to publishers?
While many eReaders are only claiming to encourage simplicity, flexibility and interactivity, ePub is truly a format dedicated to bringing
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Meet ePub
What is ePub? Sorry for bursting the bubble, but ePub does not stand for an electronic pub! The term is
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