All of ePub features in BeetleReader

 All the features you need in one package

Feature Fixed ePub Reflowable ePub
Multi-platform support
Fast page loading
Page count
Next/previous navigation
Jump to page
One/two page layout switch
Fit page to screen
Print In the pipeline
Page previews In the pipeline
Notes & Highlights
Font resizing In the pipeline In the pipeline
Night time reading In the pipeline In the pipeline

And it works with all ePub versions

Version Supported?
ePub 2.x
ePub 3.0
ePub 3.1
Features search function BeetleReader epub app


No need for your readers to furiously flip pages left and right. With a single click of the Search button they get a search bar where they can enter any keyword(s) and the reader will show them the page results where these words appear, so that they can quickly jump to them.


Provide your readers the ability to easily highlight any piece of text. Our reader saves all the highlights and your readers can always browse through their favorite quotes from the book.

highlight feature epub app BeetleReader
note taking features epub app BeetleReader


Sometimes it is not enough to just highlight or bookmark. You have some thoughts on a piece of text or you want to make your own reference. BeetleReader makes that an easy thing to do by allowing your readers to select any piece of text, write a note on it and come back to it in the future.

Multi page layout

We get it – everybody likes to read their books in a different manner. Some want to see just one page, while others prefer the classical look of 2 pages unfolded before them. With BeetleReader switching between one and two page layouts happens with just the click of a button.

BeetleReader futures multi page layout
Many more features of BeetleReader

And many more...

– Device-independent and all browsers-friendly
– White-labeled product – custom branding: the reader can be skinned to display branding of the client’s choice
– Simple & eye pleasing user interface
– Direct upload of ePUBs & instant availability
– Feature rich – user-friendly search, page jump, smooth navigation, comprehensive note taking tool, bookmarking, highlighting and much more to come
– Fixed, pre-paginated file format
– Various content formats supported – audio, video and images
– Fully interactive (provides your readers with the ability to choose their preferred style of reading layout, bookmark pages, highlight parts of the text and many more)
– Quality Performance – the capacity to upload & manage even heavy books
– Scalability capacity: fast Amazon servers
– No software installation, no downloads, no end-user uploads