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    Meet ePub

    August 12, 2016

August 12, 2016

Meet ePub


What is ePub?

Sorry for bursting the bubble, but ePub does not stand for an electronic pub!

The term is an abbreviation for electronic publication. It is a free e-book file format that can be read on all devices (computers, tablets, smartphones and e-readers). Since its standardization by the International Digital Publishing Forum, ePub has become vastly popular and some major publishers now prefer it to PDF.

What are the benefits of ePub?

ePub offers great compatibility, not only because it is not tied to any specific device, but also because it can be used with a variety of software. This is due to ePub using two languages – XML and XHTML.

ePub group of files come into a single package – easy to store and organize. Another great advantage of ePub is that it is open format. That means that it could be used by everyone, without any risks and additional costs. Being an open standard tool, guaranteed ePub popularity, as it has become very useful both for individual authors and for publishers.

Apart from its open nature, ePub is very independent. Yes, that is right, no big companies that are gobbling up vast amount of money thanks to the success of the format. ePub is not limited to any specific company, product or brand. It is just there to offer an authentic reading experience for the readers and make publishers’ lives simpler. ePub offers one, uniform standard that can be used by all. You might ask why this is worth mentioning… Remember the e-reader craze? Almost every company had decided to create their own eBook readers and this has led to a number of limitations, rather than actually encouraging reading/publishing.

ePub has introduced a standard for digital publications by removing all obstacles and without creating any of the mayhem ebook readers provoked.

Another massive benefit of ePub is its reflowable text. This means the text can reflow to any screen and resize its contents base. No need to switch devices or zoom in and out when using a small screen.

BeetleReader has chosen to use ePub to offer maximum usability, freedom and flexibility to publishers, while also ensuring an immersive experience for readers.


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